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Jorge Loyo

Regional Vice-President

If you focus on putting people first, money will follow.

It was a short conversation with a financial advisor in 2007, after he got married, that made him realize school didn’t teach him how to properly handle money, and recognized there’s was great opportunity in helping others take care of their finances. Doing well by doing good.

Jorge was born in Mexico and has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a triple major: International Business, Finance, and Management of Information Systems. He also has a Master’s in Management Information Systems and worked as a CTO and Lead Developer prior to joining the ranks in financial services.

As an investment adviser representative, licensed life insurance agent, and mortgage loan originator (TX), he has the passion, licenses, and experience to help clients improve their financial outcomes.

Houston, TX

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Jorge Loyo (ID: KRTJ6)

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Jorge Loyo (ID: KRTJ6)

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